Biology Flashcard Review

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Studying biology is like learning a new language, and Study by APP has a new tool to make it a little easier.

Biology Flashcards for the iPad will help you build vocabulary while mastering complex concepts along the way. This application is geared towards anyone in high school or college who is taking a general biology course and wants the freedom to study anywhere--anytime!

Let’s face it, cramming the night before a test is no fun, and it doesn’t always work out too well. Your brain retains information much better when it is received in small doses over a longer period time. Ten minutes here, ten minutes there....and you’ve got it!

Are the teacher’s wordy explanations leaving you confused? Biology Flashcards gives you concise definitions that get to the point without losing key details.

Relevant examples, pictures, and diagrams will help you connect the word with the meaning, without having to interpret a long paragraph from your textbook. Studying is much easier when you’re engaged, and Biology Flashcards may just become the best “study buddy” you’ve ever had!

Nicole Paciorek has an extensive background in science education, and she has also spent time in the field as a research assistant.

She holds a B.A. in Neuroscience from Oberlin College and a M.A. in Education from Ursuline College. In her ten years as a teacher, Ms. Paciorek has worked with students in middle school and high school as a classroom instructor and as a private tutor.

She taught and wrote curriculum for an upper level biology course while at Beaumont School (Cleveland Heights, OH), and she currently teaches middle school science at Palm Beach Day Academy (Palm Beach, FL).